Hi Friend!

UFU and VanGo Vapes has collaborated to bring you this survey. By entering this survey, you will get in the draw for the giveaway from VanGo Vapes.

Our mission is to unite Vapers all over Canada under our clothing brand. UFU stands for Until Fire Unites, which derives from the philosophy that we are all separate beings until united by the same flame and passion that is inside all of us.

Thank you so much for taking some of your time to take this survey. Your help will be absolutely immeasurable to the future of vape related apparel and especially to us!

Rules of the draw:
- Complete the survey
- Follow us on the instagram: @ufucanada
- Follow VanGo Vapes on the instagram: @vangovapes
- Leave your email to receive the notification about the results of the draw

This draw is open only to Canadian residents

Prizes: VanGo Vapes e-juice and more.